Who We Are

We at VIP Platinum Concierge offer a wide range of unique services to our members. Every service that we offer is tailor made to your preferences from planning your holidays with the family to creating special events in your personal and professional lives and everything in between. Our local knowledge and expertise reflect our adaptable, tailored services, limited only by the imagination.

We are passionate about delivering personalized services and intelligent support that improves the lives of our members. Our in-house experts and lifestyle managers take time to understand your requirements and apply their insider knowledge and contacts to deliver great results. As our lives become busier time repeatedly becomes an issue, and we at VIP Platinum Concierge make time for you.

Established in 2012, VIP Platinum Concierge was founded by a group of young enthusiastic hospitality professionals with a passion for customer service and satisfaction. With our years of experience in the hospitality industry, we ensure that every member of VIP Platinum Concierge has a truly personal experience and thereby staying true to our motto

“The only limit to our services is your imagination.”